• Photograph by Lisa Koss

  • Photograph by Lisa Koss

  • Photograph by Lisa Koss


About The Campaign

DID YOU KNOW THAT the income from the Buhl endowment cannot cover the annual expenditures of the park?

DID YOU KNOW THAT Buhl Park receives less than half of the $1.1 million operating costs from the endowment?


Buhl Park adds some of the most important aspects of quality to our life here in the Shenango Valley. Can you think of our community without it? The KEEP IT GROWING campaign was established to raise money to maintain the beauty, safety and current level of activities which the Park offers to over 150,000 visitors each year. The community and those that treasure our facility must join our effort. No matter how large or small a donation, we need everyone to pitch in to Keep Buhl Park Growing.


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Operating Your Park top

What Your Park Has To Offer


Buhl Park is home to the only free golf course in the country offering a well manicured course for beginners, seniors, and those simply trying to sharpen their game with narrow fairways and challenging greens. The par 34 course is 2,378 yards long. Well over 10,000 rounds of golf are played there each year.


The Driving Range offers 22 practice stations, all on natural grass. The cost is $3.00 for a small bucket and $6.00 for a large bucket. The range is open from April through October, weather permitting.


The park offers beautiful sights, sounds and a serene environment for to walkers, runners, bicyclists, or those just relaxing on a park bench. Additionally, the Fitness Trail,  a paved pathway in a wooded section of the park provides sixteen workout stations to combine cardio with toning exercises.


The park offers a variety of playgrounds for children as well as planned activities such as the Summer Youth Program, Winter Fest, Get Outdoors Day, Movies in the Park, The First Tee program and Environmental Learning activities. It also provides a perfect opportunity for school field trips.


The Summer Concert Series presents twenty-two free outdoor concerts every Wednesday and Sunday from June through August with a variety of music everyone can enjoy. Over 12,000 people enjoy the performances.


The park is home to eight free tennis courts. Seven of the courts are hard surfaced, with the other being a synthetic grass court. The hard surfaced courts are concrete which is rare to find today. Most other courts are constructed of blacktop material, which ultimately has a short life in comparison to concrete.


The park provides habitat areas for a variety of fish and wildlife including Lake Julia, two designated wetland areas, a butterfly garden, the Julia Buhl Memorial Garden, and acres of trees and brush.


A total of fourteen dog stations are located throughout the park offering oxo-biodegradable bags for easy clean up of dog waste. Being a responsible dog owner protects human and animal health as well as the environment.


Safety is a top priority in Buhl Park. Security rangers patrol all areas of the park and golf course. Street lights provide an additional measure of safety on the 4 miles of roadway and parking lots.


Four picnic shelters are located around the park that can be rented for picnics or parties. Additionally the Casino Ballroom and Casino Conference Room, Activities Building and The First Tee building are also available for rent year round.


Julia’s Garden, a sunken flower garden, and the Acker Gazebo that sits atop the kite field, offer beautiful settings for small weddings, picture taking or just a quite serene area to relax.


A swimming pool with newly installed ADA compliant steps is owned and maintained by the park. A handicap accessible lift will soon be installed to meet the new ADA mandates for pools. During the summer months, the pool is leased to the Buhl Club to operate the summer swim program.


Mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the 100 year old outflow structures in Lake Julia are being replaced at a cost just over $299,000. DEP required certain specifications for the design. The Fish and Boat Commission had to approve the lowering of Lake Julia and are monitoring the ongoing progress of the project.


A Children’s Memorial Butterfly Garden will soon be completed adjacent to the Fitness Course near the bridge. Last fall, plants and flowers that attract butterflies, were planted to give them time to develop and mature. The next phase of the garden will be to install FOUR stone pillars with flowering arbors over the path. Memorial names of children will be placed on the pillars. The Butterfly Garden will also serve as an educational tool during School Environmental Day
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Where The Money Comes From


Revenue Sources
  • Sale of Commemorative Bricks/Benches/Trees
  • Donations: General, Memorials, Grants
  • Rentals (Shelters, Casino, Activities Building, The First Tee Building, Garden, Gazebo)
  • FH Buhl Trust (The Trust Covers less than ½ of Annual Costs)
  • Driving Range (Sale of Buckets of Balls)
  • The First Tee (Registration, Grants, Donations)
  • Concerts (Donations, Concession)
  • Get Outdoors Day (Donations, Concession, Sponsors)
  • Winter Fest (Donations, Concession, Sponsors)
  • Summer Youth Program (Registration)
  • Ladies Golf Scramble (Registration, Sponsors, Auctions)
  • Buhl Golf Scramble (Registration, Sponsors)
  • Buhl Park 5K Run/Walk (Registration, Sponsors)
  • President’s Fundraising Letter
  • Keep It Growing


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Where The Money Goes




  • Wages & Benefits
  • Legal & Accounting Services
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Computers, Office Supplies, Postage, Printing
  • Security Staff & Vehicle Maintenance (Repairs, Gasoline, Insurance)
  • Machinery Equipment & Maintenance (Repairs, Parts, Gasoline)
  • General Ground Maintenance (Seed, Mulch, Roads, Cleaning Supplies)
  • Utilities (Phone, Electric, Water, Gas, Sewer, Garbage)
  • Janitorial Service & Supplies for Buildings & Shelters
  • Removal of Dead & Diseased Trees
  • New Plants & Shrubbery
  • Paving of Roads




  • Maintenance & Supplies for Pool, Tennis Courts, Baseball Field, Playgrounds
  • Concerts
  • Pool & Pool House (Chemicals, Repairs)
  • Summer Youth Program (Wage & Benefits For Employees & Cost Of Materials)
  • The First Tee Program (Wage & Benefits For Employees, National Dues)
  • The First Tee Building (Utilities, Supplies, Repairs)
  • Golf Course (Specialty Mower Maintenance, Golf Balls & Pickup Machine, Utilities)
  • Get Outdoors Day (Special Events)
  • Winter Fest (Special Events)
  • Environmental Education Day (Special Events)
  • Movie Under the Stars (Special Events)


  • Ladies Golf Scramble (Food, Prizes, Supplies)
  • Buhl Golf Scramble (Food, Prizes, Supplies)
  • Buhl Park 5K Run/Walk (Shirts, Race Coordinator, Supplies)
  • President’s Fundraising Letter (Paper & Postage)
  • Keep It Growing (Paper, Postage, Marketing Agent)


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